Starting a career in Psychic Therapy

14068442_655696071251853_5999179828723219285_oIt’s hard to say where my journey began because while we can go all the way back to my wayward teenage years and talk about the friends I had who were learning alongside me, it might be better to talk about the years I spent on pagan forums, talking to other people about empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and astral projection that might be more useful. I don’t know if places like Mystic Wicks still exist, but this was a place I frequented. It was one of those opportunities to share opinions, gain perspective, practice without fear of judgment, and so on. It wasn’t training so much as social, identity seeking, belonging.

Besides the forums, I married a man who was rather intelligent about metaphysics, paganism, amongst other things and I learned a great deal from him. He convinced me that my abilities weren’t something to be hidden or shunned, and the people on the forums seemed to agree. Eventually, I was doing practice readings, picking apart the different abilities I was using, self teaching in a lot of ways because to be honest, there wasn’t much else available in 2005 that was considered regulated, standard, or even required.

Practice readings lead to forums friends urging me to go professional and I had issues with using my gift and taking money from people for it. I wanted to learn more and this is how I stumbled into Reiki and through that initial course I learned that any gifts, whether healing or psychic won’t be valued if you don’t put a value on it. So all these free readings I was doing weren’t being valued, my gifts weren’t being validated the longer I worked for free. At the very least I was donating my time and energy without gaining a lot in return (others will say I was gaining experience and learning, which is in itself valuable but that’s also why there’s such a thing as on the job training that you get paid for.)

I decided to see what was out there. I had only done chat sessions through Yahoo Messenger and Skype, and I didn’t want to do phone sessions because that right there was the stamp of a fraud in my opinion at the time. I ended up finding which was open to new applicants and it was easy enough to set up my profile, there were no upfront costs, and within a couple days of being online consistently I began getting calls from real clients. I messed up a lot in the first year, realized that while I had talent, and some experience, I didn’t have enough education behind me. Sure, I was simultaneously soaking up every book I could find, learning various forms of reiki and other energy healing modalities, and enrolled in the Grove of Dana College for Druid Studies, but it wasn’t enough.

I decided to take the leap, and find more traditional style teachers. I ended up finding two schools that were very different. University of Sedona is where I obtained my PhD in Metaphysical Science and subsequently became ordained to the International Metaphysical Ministry (so I totally work for the ministry in case any Harry Potter fans are reading this.) The program the University of Sedona offered was very theology, and theory based, where there were ideas about how metaphysics and the universe worked, but those ideas needed the student to put structure and language and meaning to them. At first I didn’t think I had any hope of passing because my ideas, philosophies and beliefs of the universe differed greatly than that of the lessons being presented, but upon speaking with my professors they encouraged me to be different, to explain my ideas in full. I completed the required reading, assignments, etc, plus my master thesis and doctoral dissertation in about a year and a half, which was typical for the university.

The second school I went to was the Midwest Institute of Metaphysical Theology owned by Dawn Grey, who also owns Reiki Rays Institute, and has a number of students all over the world. Her program was more in the parapsychology style where I was being taught tarot, astrology, spiritual counseling, numerology, so on and so forth. These were meaty courses that I was able to apply to my everyday readings. I completed assignments within about a year or so, and submitted master and doctoral dissertations within about two years.

I can’t say enough about the two schools, they were both fantastic in their own ways, but considering what we have available to us now, I don’t know that I would choose these schools at this time. It was 2006 when I was studying and I received my PhD’s in 2008. Since then a number of schools have opened up on the internet and one of the best programs I’ve seen is from the College of Metaphysical Sciences or CMS, and they’re based out of California. The courses they teach are very extensive from what I’ve seen of their curriculum and they give me hope for what metaphysical sciences, parapsychology, paraphysics, psychic therapy, whatever you want to call it, can become.

Also, since completing my PhDs I’ve written two books on psychic development myself, under “The Bad Bitch’s Guide to Psychic Development” and I find that the more we can each contribute to the field, the more that field will grow and the dynamics will change, and instead of hunting down education in a certain field you’ll see it being offered from a wide variety of places, such as the psychic academy I’m working on. I have a few courses available now, but there’s a course catalogue of what’s to come and I’m actively seeking and taking students through the self-directed process. Right now all the courses available are free, so you can begin your journey and as time goes on I’ll be adding more, and hopefully have enough time to e-mail students en masse, but right now if students have questions they can always reach out to me.

I can’t say my educational journey into metaphysics was easy, going to three different schools (Grove of Dana College) and taking various reiki courses from multiple institutions (too many to name) was necessary for me, but there are teachers out there who have all the necessary training required and can offer a multitude of knowledge and education in one place.

Essentially, I’d love to see psychic therapy being offered in traditional universities and colleges around the world, and I know there are steps being taken, some colleges have courses on tarot, but there’s still a long ways to go before professors at Harvard are teaching students about clairvoyance and guided full class loads of people through playing card tests and color games and such. Something I’d love to see for sure, but the world isn’t there yet.

Anyway, I hope this has helped some of you, there’s plenty of resources out there and I hope that even if you don’t choose to study with me that you choose to train your brain!